Stories Worth Telling

The paralyzed old man...Written by Pornthep Pongtawigorn, M.D. Director of Banphaeo Hospital


Have you ever asked yourself which part of your body you choose to lose between legs or eyes? I believe that you may choose to lose your legs or arms than your eyes. Although you cannot walk, you still want to see.

One day, I met the paralyzed old man who loses his legs and arms. He came to see me because he has an unclear vision. I was wondering why he wants to cure his eyes despite the fact that his family looks after him. After I diagnosed, it showed that both of his eyes were almost blind with glaucoma. Whatever might happen, he was determined to take an operation to bring back his eyes vision. After that, I saw a smile from this hopeless old man who has ever lost his legs again. Happiness has been back to him since he turns to see the beautiful world again.

“The only thing that is scarier than being cripple is having eyes but cannot see” - Don’t let everyone suffer from blind -

“Thum Dee (Hai) Khon Mong Hen project”

Cry me a river...Written by Pornthep Pongtawigorn, M.D. Director of Banphaeo Hospital


If you cannot see anything for 5 minutes, 1 day, or 1 year what would you do? When I went to Khamphangphet, I met an old lady that cannot see anything for 10 years. Because of being blind, the old lady cannot walk and eat by herself so that her family has to help and feed her past 10 years. After I took her an operation, she walked straight to me and made a greeting with a big smile on her face. In my opinion, the old lady feels happy now and will never cry and fall apart again. Eventually, her happiness makes me feel so ecstatic.

“I believe that there are many people with visual impairment in Thailand who are waiting for you to relieve them from suffering. Please don't leave them alone.”

The old man beside the Electricity Post...Written by Pornthep Pongtawigorn, M.D. Director of Banphaeo Hospital


One day, someone called me to do an eye examination to an old man, a homeless guy without a permanent dwelling and family, who sat on the cart with vacant eyes. After examination, I found that his eyes were almost blind with glaucoma and his ears were hard to hear.

People around here said that he was a homeless guy who lives beside the electricity Post for a long time. One day, everyone noticed that he fell down into a sewer line because he could not see anything. So they decided to take him to a hospital for eye surgery, and then collected the money together for hiring a caregiver for taking care of him. After hearing this, I cannot hold back my tears. No matter how many experts we have, this old man would not get an operation if there were no helpful people around there.

“Please give another chance to a person with visual impairment to see a beautiful world again by doing a good deed for the blind.”

The child is named as Wirachon...Written by Pornthep Pongtawigorn, M.D. Director of Banphaeo Hospital


“Sometimes an opportunity doesn’t come in the right time”

Because of maternal instinct, Wirachon who was a 6-month-old boy from Myanmar had to come to see Ophthalmologist at BGH, Thailand, as his eyes have a white spot since he was born.

Basically, Wirachon had cataracts in both eyes. Initially, the cataract started out small and affect little on his vision, however, it will progress until he could not see any more in the future. He was treated well by Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, and Anesthetist while an operation. No matter how hard this case we have, we do our best to help. After cataract surgery, his eyes were better, and there was nothing to be concerned about at that time. When he was 3-year-old, he came back again to have intraocular lens implantation because of wearing thick glasses for a while.

Nowadays, a 6-year-old boy named as Wirachon is so happy, cheerful, and good-natured right now. Furthermore, he can walk to school with his good vision after surgery.

“There are many children’s lives that will never be cheerful if they do not have an opportunity like this.”

“Giving an opportunity for people with vision loss”
- Doing a good deed for the blind -

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